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  The mission of the Poland Township Cemetery Office is to maintain the grounds in an aesthetic manner and to promote a restful and peaceful scene for family members and friends honoring their deceased. Poland Township is dedicated to serving all members in the community
  Lowellville Cemetery
  Lowellville Cemetery is located at 2700 Stewart Road, Lowellville, Ohio 44436. The 35 acre cemetery is positioned on a hilly terrain with a wooded landscape providing a serene setting. Lowellville Cemetery was established in 1890 and serves as our current cemetery. Entrances are located off Stewart Road and Queisner Avenue in Lowellville Ohio.

Poland Center Cemetery

  Poland Center Cemetery is located at 6578 Struthers Road, Poland, Ohio 44514. The 1.5 acre cemetery is positioned on a level terrain adjacent to Struthers Road. Burial periods were from the early 1700's to late 1890's and this cemetery is no longer active. Entrances are located off Struthers Road.
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  The digital data contained herein was compiled from recorded deeds, survey plats, and other public records. Poland Township does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any of said information and assumes no legal responsibility; persons relying on the information contained herein do so at their own risk. Users should consult public information sources for verification of the information referenced. Graves with dates of interment listed as 01/01/1500 are default dates with no actual record listing of interment.

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