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The Poland Township Police Department began to provide services on January 1, 1978. Former township trustees, David Ludt, Nick Jeswald, and Jack Raupple hired Lee Goodin to be the first Chief of Police. The original staff included a Chief of Police, four full time patrol officers, and four reserve officers.

As of January 1, 2001 the police department has an authorized strength of twelve (12) full time sworn officers, six (6) casual sworn officers, (6) auxiliary sworn officers, one (1) youth diversion specialist, and two (2) clerical support staff.

Lionel (Lee) Goodin
First Police Chief

The Chief of Police is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the operations of the department. The department has two (2) Sergeants who oversee the patrol division and one (1) Detective/Sergeant who oversees the investigative division.

Specialized positions include but are not limited to the following:
1. D.A.R.E.
2. Certified Firearms Instructor
3. Field Training Officers (2)
4. Traffic Specialist
5. Operations Officer
6. Youth Diversion Specialist

The Police department operates out of a facility, which is located at 3339 Dobbins Road. The police department vehicle fleet is comprised of seven (7) marked patrol units and two (2) unmarked vehicles.


In addition to the routine duties and responsibilities The Poland Township Police Department perform, there are many more programs that are offered. Some officers are also assigned to programs outside the department.

The Youth Diversion Program is designed to deter youthful offenders from the Juvenile Justice System. Depending on the severity of the crime, offenders are placed in the program and must follow a stringent set of guidelines. The parents are also involved in an attempt to rectify the problems whether it is in school or at home. If the offender does not comply with all of the aspects of the program, he or she will then be placed in the Juvenile Justice System.

A D.A.R.E. Program has been in existence for 8 years. It is taught in the Holy Family School as well as the Poland School System at the fifth grade level. The purpose of this program is to educate students on what drugs can do to you and ways to say no as well as how to feel good about yourself thus keeping drug free and out of trouble.

A recent addition to the Police Department is
McGruff, The Crime Dog. This is a program where McGruff goes to the schools and teaches students many different aspects of safety. He is aided by audio tapes that have the students participate in songs and exercises related to such things as being home alone, not talking to strangers, and related programs.

Some members of the Police Department are also assigned to a
Drug Task Force and a Violent Crimes Task Force. Having members from our department as part of a specialized unit allows us to utilize their services if a problem were to arise in our township.

A Bicycle Patrol was established and has done very well in getting acquainted with the residents on a more personal level. When officers are in residential areas, they are able to observe more and are also less conspicuous than a marked cruiser.

Approximately 2 years ago, a mobile data system was installed in the patrol vehicles. This enables officers to receive information on vehicles and drivers license without using the police radio. An average response time for information is 3-4 seconds. Silent communications between officers and additional departments on the system is also available. Eventually, reports will be able to be completed in the patrol vehicle, forwarded to the department and then printed allowing the officer to spend more time patrolling the area.

The Poland Township Police Department is dedicated to the needs and responsibilities of the residents. It is also on a never ending quest to go above and beyond to keep each and every officer safe in his and her performance of their duties.

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